WCCG Enduro Series - Fortitude 333km Ride - July 2024

WCCG Enduro Series - Fortitude 333km Ride - July 2024

WCCG - Chennai Cyclists


Enduro Series - Fortitude 333km Ride

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Headwind - The Bike Studio, ECR

We are excited to bring you the 1st season of "WCCG Enduro Series 2024", and the second ride of the series is, Fortitude 333kms - Gingee Fort

A ride down the scenic ECR and continue the ride across the River Palar to Conquer Gingee Fort. Throughout the ride, you will conquer a lot of pleasant memories around greenish villages and Coastal regions.

Event Date – 20th July, Saturday.

Start Time - 20th July, 5:30 AM

End Time - 21st July, 4:00 AM

Cut off Time - 22.5 hours

Starting Point - Headwind - The Bike Studio, ECR

Route map - https://ridewithgps.com/routes/43687081

Rule book for Enduro Series - https://shorturl.me/s6YH6U

REWARDS: A special and unique medal for all the finishers

Registration closes on 18th July, 2024

Registration Fee - Rs. 599 (Including 18% GST)

Minimum eligibility for participation in the ride - Having completed a 200+km ride before

Mandatory for the ride

  1. Printed Chennai Cyclist Rider ID tagged to your bicycles in front/back. You could generate it for yourself and print and tag it on your own, ID-Card
  2. Helmet is mandatory
  3. Powerful front light and red tail light is mandatory.
  4. Reflective vest is mandatory.


  1. Aero bars shall not be used at any point of time.
  2. Any rider who quit the ride shall not expect support from the volunteers. Only on medical emergencies, volunteers would be able to support. All volunteers are posted to support the riders who are continuing their ride.
  3. On any situation, rider who missed CP time or rode the event without registration, should not claim their finishers badge.

If you are registering, please do join the whatsapp group for riders - https://chat.whatsapp.com/DQCesxXu02QBv4oSm86PQY

Event Details

Date: Jul 20 2024 12:00 am to Jul 20 2024 10:30 pm
Organizer: WCCG - Chennai Cyclists
Start Point: Headwind Bike Studio, ECR

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