About WCCG


Welcome to WCCG - We are Chennai Cycling group

WCCG was formed on June 23rd, 2012.

WCCG's vision is to Make Chennai, the cycling capital of the world

We ride regularly with short rides in weekdays and long rides in the weekends. We currently have 14 Ride chapters. Join the chapter based on the area in which you live.

If you have a cycle + helmet and want to join our regular rides, please do get in touch with the chapter coordinators as below.



Happy riding, Happy Cycling

Any doubts and queries, please contact

teamwccg@gmail.com | admin@chennaicyclists.com

WCCG Guidelines

The main purpose of riding in an organized group is to provide a planned opportunity for cyclists of comparable skill levels or aspirations to ride together, provide additional flexibility in selecting the course, distance, and start time with the additional safety that a well-organized group inherently generates. Cycling on the public roads has some inherent danger attached, but as a club WCCG wants to support and encourage people to ride safely and enjoyably, respecting their fellow riders and other road users. Stick to the rules to have an enjoyable riding environment.

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