Commute Bi Cycle 2020 Challenge

Commute Bi Cycle 2020 Challenge

In 2020, lets vow to contribute to the society in reducing carbon footprint. Lets all use cycle as a mode for our commuting.

2020 is going to usher in lots of opportunities to all of us. We at CBC want to welcome the year on a "green" note. A challenge which tests your discipline and commitment.

Please commit your days of commuting in 2020 and lets achieve the target !!

Category selection for Commute Bi Cycle 2020 Challenge

  1. Pro Commuter - 100 to 140 commuting days in 2020
  2. Ace Commuter - 141 to 180 commuting days in 2020
  3. Champion Commuter - 180+ commuting days in 2020

Event Details

Date: Dec 31 2019 6:30 pm
Organizer: WCCG
Start Point: Your Home

Contact Details

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