WCCG 25x15 September Challenge - 2023

WCCG 25x15 September Challenge - 2023

We are proud to introduce an interesting challenge for all cyclists in September 2023. This is the first of the challenge event for the WCCG Calendar Year 2023-24.

Are you ready to make cycling a habit and ride consistently?

Simply put, just ride a minimum 25 km each day for 5 days between • Sep 1st to 10th AND • Sep 11th to 20th AND • Sep 21st to 30th

Here are the rules.

  • Choose any 5 days between Sept 1st to Nov 10th, any 5 days between Sept 11th to 20th and any 5 days between Sept 21st to 30th. Each of those days, you should have ridden a minimum of 25km distance.
  • Ensure to register with Chennai Cyclists website linking your Strava account. Track the Ride using strava. The trackers would automatically track your strava rides in backend! Not mandatory - Post the details in the event page or your Facebook profile with a # tag, #WCCG25x15 also mentioning the day in which you are in! This would motivate others to take up this challenge!

Note: Tracking your rides using STRAVA is MANDATORY which would help us track your progress automatically... All those completing this challenge would get an awesome finisher memorabilia.

Event Details

Date: Aug 31 2023 6:30 pm to Sep 30 2023 6:29 pm
Organizer: WCCG - Chennai Cyclists
Start Point: Your own favourite routes

Contact Details

LocationAnywhere as you wish