8 Days Commute Challenge - Jan 2022

8 Days Commute Challenge - Jan 2022

Commute Bi Cycle - The Commute initiative of WCCG - Chennai Cyclists


8 Days Commute Challenge in Jan 2022

Commute Challenge 2022 is the Green initiative, which aims to increase the number of bicycle commuters in the city & thereby decrease the pollution levels with health benefits to the rider as a bonus. This challenge requires rider to use bicycle for commuting for minimum of 8 days in Jan 2022. Minimum commute distance is 3km. Commute can be travel to work, shopping, hanging out with friends, visiting relatives etc. In short, wherever you go, wherever you can use your bicycle for commuting. Rewards: Along with direct benefits of Bicycle commuting on your health, wallet, and environment; WCCG honors the Commute challenge finishers with the beautiful Hex Badge which is part of the prestigious Epic cyclist series. We urge you to encourage your friends, family & coworkers also to take part in this challenge.

REWARDS: WCCG's HEX Badge for all the finishers

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Date: Dec 31 2021 6:30 pm to Jan 31 2022 6:29 pm
Organizer: Commute BiCycle
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