WCCG March Madness 2020

WCCG March Madness 2020

WCCG is proud to bring back its most interesting challenge for all cyclists. Yes,

MaRcH MaDnEsS is BaCk!!!

As the name suggests, are you ready for riding 25km or 50km everyday for the 10 continuous days in March?

Here are the simple rules

1) Choose any 10 continuous days in March you wish to ride a distance of 25km or 50km everyday or both.

2) Track the Ride using strava (most preferred)

3) The trackers would automatically track your strava rides in backend !!

Event Details

Date: Feb 29 2020 6:30 pm
Organizer: WCCG Chennai Cyclists
Start Point: Anywhere

Contact Details

Contactadmin@chennaicyclists.com | teamwccg@gmail.com