WCCG Run Ride Challenge - Apr 2022

WCCG Run Ride Challenge - Apr 2022

WCCG - Chennai Cyclists


Run and Ride Challenge in Apr 2022

This April, let's do both run and ride to gear up and practice for the Aalam Deepam Chennai Duathlon's Third edition happening between April 1 and 17th.

You could do either of run or ride or both in a day. Do choose a target for the month of April !! 400km Cycling + 40km Run/Walk OR 600km Cycling + 60km Run/Walk

REWARDS: WCCG's HEX Badge for all the finishers

Event Details

Date: Mar 31 2022 6:30 pm to Apr 30 2022 6:29 pm
Organizer: WCCG - Chennai Cyclists
Start Point: -

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