WCCG Tenacity 110/55 Ride

WCCG Tenacity 110/55 Ride

<p>World Mental Health day is celebrated on 10 October every year. The objective of commemorating this day is to enhance awareness about mental health and illness. <br />Every year a theme is selected. For 2019, the theme is Suicide prevention. <br />Suicide has multiple factors/reasons. The commonest factor is severe depression. A person who is severely depressed would have ideas of hopelessness and worthlessness. Suicide might appear as the best option. <br />Those will depression contemplate and plan suicide over days. Those dear to them will be able to find out about their intent, if they are aware of depression. <br />Another factor for suicide is poor coping skills. They may or may not be depressed. They will cope poorly with any stress. Any sudden stress (like a failure in exam, relationship etc) can lead to an impulsive suicidal attempt. <br />Apart from these, there are many other factors. <br />Suicide is preventable. There are many strategies for preventing suicide. <br />Involvement in sports is one of them. <br />Cycling is one of the sports which can be done at one&rsquo;s own pace. <br />Cycling <br />#Improves mood &amp; self-esteem<br />#Endorphins are secreted, and it leads to sense of wellbeing<br />#Promotes positive mental health<br />#Helps to sleep better<br />#Improves memory<br />#Improves creative thinking</p><p>World Mental Health Day is commemorated on 10th of October, every year. To mark this occasion, we at WCCG launch our third edition of World Mental Health Day ride--<br />Tenacity 55K &amp; 110K on 06 Oct 2019, Sunday - Powered by WCCG Tambaram Chapter</p> <p> <b>Start &amp; Finish Point - Dr.Rela Institute &amp; Medical Centre, Chromepet</b></p> <p>Categories - 55km &amp; 110km Start Time - 5.30am For 110km and 6.00am For 55km</p><p>Registration Fee - Rs.150/= own cycle &amp; Rs.400/= rental cycle. (Please note we have arranged limited Rental Cycles @Rs.250/= for 55km category alone, Please contact organiser for rentals)</p><p>Route - You will love to ride on this scenic route, wl be updated soon</p><p>Let us come out and pedal on 06 Oct 2019 to enhance our own mental health, enhance awareness and to ensure that the mental health care reaches the needy.<br /><b>All Finishers will be provided with Breakfast &amp; Medals.<br />Riders, please note Tenacity 110k alone is part of Epic Cyclist Hex Badge series.</b></p>

Event Details

Date: Oct 5 2019 11:30 pm
Organizer: WCCG
Start Point: Dr.Rela Institute - Media Centre, Chromepet

Contact Details

LocationDr.Rela Institute - Media Centre, Chromepet
Contactadmin@chennaicyclists.com | teamwccg@gmail.com