WCCG Aalam Duathlon 2020

WCCG Aalam Duathlon 2020

The Second edition of Aalam Deepam Chennai Duathlon is back and this time we are joining hands with Sevaikarangal and supporting for their community based construction Project of Kundalaimedu ,Thiruvallur District.

Sevaikarangal is focusing on revitalizing sustainable livelihoods through a multilevel regeneration plan for twenty villages in Thiruvallur district, Tamil Nadu.

As part of their ongoing development program, Sevaikarangal is conducting free Tuitions at Kundalaimedu near Madarapakkam town- Gummudipoondi Taluk, Thiruvallur District. This is the settlement area of 85 families rescued from bonded labour, people here have to travel to different areas for work and kids must travel 2 km to reach their school. There is high number of school dropouts. When they started, the student strength was just 18 and now it had increased to 48 but still there are many students who don’t go to school. Team Sevaikarangal are sure that they will make them join the school in near future.

There are 200+ underprivilege students in nearby villages who come to their activities center every weekend for various training programs. At present, they have a thatched roof for one room. Catering to the needs for 200 students is a difficult task for them and hence the need for a proper constructed structure.

The plan is to construct 4 rooms (Computer lab, Training room, activities room, library block and toilet block) with an approx expenses of Rs. 7 Lakhs.

The entire registration fees collected from the event goes towards construction of the building in Kundalaimedu. We request you to extend your philanthropist support towards the project and become a part of the good cause.

Duathlon Date - 8th March 2020 Reporting time - 4.30AM Venue - Olcott Memorial School, Besant Nagar

Categories & Registration Fee
  • DEEPAM OLYMPIC Individual - 10km Running and 40km Cycling - Rs. 650 (Early bird offer upto Pongal - Rs. 600)
  • DEEPAM SPRINT Individual - 5km running and 20km cycling - Rs. 650 (Early bird offer upto Pongal - Rs. 600)
  • DEEPAM TEAM RELAY Olympic - 10km Running and 40km Cycling – Rs. 1200 (Early bird offer upto Pongal - Rs. 1100)
  • DEEPAM TEAM RELAY SPRINT - 5km Running and 20km Cycling - Rs. 1200 (Early bird offer upto Pongal - Rs. 1100)

(Olympic & Sprint - Team Relay events will have two people in one team, One needs to run and one needs to Ride)

About Previous Edition

Our First Edition of AALAM DEEPAM DUATHLON, which was held in February 2019, not only spread health and fitness but also gave shelter for good dining and Nalabhaagam (Cooking) at Home Of Hope, Pakkam with all Your generous support. With all efforts and Blessings, the building was inaugurated on 29th Sept 2019

Event Details

Date: Mar 7 2020 11:30 pm
Organizer: WCCG's Aalam Deepam
Start Point: Olcott Memorial School, Besant Nagar

Contact Details

LocationOlcott Memorial School, Besant Nagar
Contactadmin@chennaicyclists.com | teamwccg@gmail.com