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  1. Each Team should have 2 riders.
  2. Riders within the can either be within the same category or can choose to form a mixed team (Each member can be from different categories).
  3. Mixed Category teams will be considered as one additional category on top of the below categories and will have a common podium.
  4. The race start will be a flag-off start from the start line and the segment entry will be flyby.
  5. Both riders of the team MUST start the Time trial together, and their cumulative timings will be considered for the race timings.

Categories as listed below: U18 Boys U18 Girls MEN WOMEN Master Men (Above 40 yrs) Master Women (Above 40 yrs)

General Rules & Guidelines: 1. This is a “No Contact” time trial, so there will be no registration desk / Bib collection. 2. The race times will be derived from the Strava Segment leaderboards on the day of the time trial. So, tracking your ride on Strava is mandatory. 3. Maintain Social distancing at the Start point, a 30-second start intervals between Teams will be followed. 4. Avoid post-ride gathering/discussions. 5. No Drafting behind other team riders/Vehicles. 6. Roads have become quite busy lately, so use your TT gear with caution.

Online Registration fee per Rider will be Rs.300 Online registrations close at 2:00 PM on 13th May 2023.


Race Coordinators : Ram Prakash - 9884842661 Sundar – 9884089770

Event Details

Date: May 14 2023 12:00 am to May 14 2023 12:00 am
Organizer: WCCG - Chennai Cyclists
Start Point: Kovalam

Contact Details

LocationKovalm, ECR
ContactRAM – 9884842661