COASTRUSH // TTT // RC1 // 2021-22

COASTRUSH // TTT // RC1 // 2021-22



Welcome to the Team time trial of the RUSH BICYCLE CHAMPIONSHIP 2021-22

Team Time Trial Rules:

  1. Each Team should have 2 riders in the team.
  2. Riders within the can either be within the same category or can choose to form a mixed team (Each member can be from different categories).
  3. Mixed Category teams will be considered as one additional category on top of the below categories and will have a common podium.
  4. Race start will be a flag off start from the start line and the segment entry will be flyby.
  5. Both riders of the team MUST start the Time trial together and their cumulative timings will be considered for the race timings.


1. U18 Boys
2. U18 Girls
3. MEN
5. Master Men (Above 40 yrs)
6. Master Women (Above 40 yrs)
  • Online Registration fee per Rider will be Rs.250
  • Last Minute Registration fee on event day per Rider will be Rs.350
  • Online registrations close at 2.00 PM on Oct 9.
  • Course Distance: ~ 25 KM
  • Start Point: Opp. Mayajaal Multiplex, ECR

This ITT will be in no contact format, please read through the rules section for further details on the format.

Race Director: Ram Prakash - 9884842661

Race Coordinator: Sundar – 7823990325

Event Details

Date: Oct 4 2021 8:30 am to Oct 9 2021 8:30 am
Organizer: WCCG - Chennai Cyclists
Start Point: Opp. Mayajaal Multiplex, ECR

Contact Details

LocationOpp. Mayajaal Multiplex, ECR
ContactRam Prakash - 9884842661