WCCG Mass 100 - 2022 Edition

WCCG Mass 100 - 2022 Edition

WCCG - Chennai Cyclists & Just Buy cycles


Mass 100km Ride

WCCG celebrates its 10th anniversary and we are back with our special annual event - Mass 100km Ride, this time as a physical in person event after 2 years. Mass 100km ride celebrates the spirit of cycling and the bicycle revolution which we have initiated and our theme is #BicycleBonhomie

If you have been doing 50kms-70kms max distance, then this is great opportunity to break the 100km mind block as the there will be two control points with refreshments & mechanical support throughout the ride !! If you are an experienced rider, here is an opportunity to guide the first timers and also to better your previous time.

Ride Date: Sunday,19th June, 2022

Start time: 5:00AM

Assembly time: 4:30AM

Starting Location - JBC stores in Anna Nagar or Velachery or Tambaram

Route - Would be posted by 10th June.

You could order the special WCCG Yellow Tee (Eat, Sleep, Cycle) along with this registration.

Regsitration Cost -

Own Cycle -

Registration - 200₹, Tshirt cost - 300₹

Rental Cycle -

Registration including rentals - 450₹, Tshirt cost - 300₹

Things you need to do – PLEASE READ!!!

  • Confirm your attendance for the event (ride) by registering here.
  • Following are MUST
    • HELMET is mandatory.
    • Tagging of Chennai Cyclist Rider ID is mandatory. You could generate it for yourself and print and tag it on your own. Rider ID
    • Tail lights and Head lights are MUST for riding before 6.30 AM or after 6 PM
    • Wear reflective vests or bright coloured tshirts for high visibility
    • Have additional spare tubes
    • Have money for expenses
    • Carry some eatables too like bananas, chocolates, energy bars
    • Tyre puncture repair kit
    • Bicycle tool kit
    • Portable hand pump
    • No selfies/headphones while riding

Water and refreshments would be provided at designated checkpoints along with quick breakfast.

Confirm your attendance for the event (ride) by registering here. The expected cut off finish time is 12.00 PM on Sunday.

All those finishing within this cutoff time would get a unique Mass 100km Finisher Hex Badge.

IMPORTANT: Follow traffic rules, stick to the left most extreme, give way to heavy vehicles, avoid drafting. Most of the route is in national highways and please exercise utmost caution while riding !

Event Details

Date: Jun 18 2022 11:30 pm to Jun 19 2022 6:30 am
Organizer: WCCG - Chennai Cyclists
Start Point: JBC - Anna Nagar / Velachery/Tambaram

Contact Details

LocationJBC - Anna Nagar / Velachery/Tambaram