WCCG Enduro Series - Resilience 555km Ride

WCCG Enduro Series - Resilience 555km Ride

WCCG - Chennai Cyclists


Enduro Series - Resilience 555km Ride

The fourth event of the "WCCG Enduro Series" is the Resilience 555kms. This route will take you through the foot steps of Vandiyadevan from Ponniyin selvan and will make you feel like a warrior on the horse.

Date – 5th August, Friday

Start Time - 5th August, 05:00PM

Cut off Time - 37:30 hours

End Time - 7th August, 06:30AM

Route – Just Buy cycles,Tambaram – Tindivanam – Ulundurpet – Veppur – Virudhachalam – Jayankondam – Veeracholapuram – Kattumannarkoil – Veeranam Lake – Sethiathoppu – Chidambaram – Virudhachalam – Ulundurpet – Tindivanam - Just Buy cycles,Tambaram.

Starting from JBC Tambaram, riders will be going in GST till Veppur, the entire night will be on GST with availability of shops, restrooms and places to rest. Take left at Veppur towards Virudhachalam early in the morning to enjoy the scenic route till Jayankondam (shops are less in this route, fast riders please refill in Veppur). Enjoy the beautiful structure of Gangaikonda cholpauram and reach the organisers at designated point(details will be shared later) to get yourself refreshed and have a chat with volunteers. With full of energy get ready to climb the horse and walk through the lake side of the great Veeranam lake and enjoy the awesomeness of the nature.(The stretch from Meensurutty to Kannamangalam is 8.5kms and has few bad roads here and there). The complete stretch following Kannamangalam till Chidambaram too is scenic with pale green beautiful trees welcoming you. Reaching Chidambaram don’t forget to admire and capture a selfie in front of the great Thillai natrajar temple. Lets get back home guys all though a different route via Sethiathoppu junction to Ulundurpet crossing Virudachalam. (Roads from Virudhacalam to Ulundurpet has few bad stretches due to road construction). Get back to GST and march towards JBC to meet the eagerly waiting volunteers. (Aadi kaathu can challenge your grit towards the finish line, save some extra time)

Route map (use laptop to view the route map) -

GPX File - https://ridewithgps.com/routes/40173017

Google maps - https://goo.gl/maps/57YzDbbQJkFnNTnt8

Rule book for Enduro Series - https://shorturl.me/s6YH6U

Note - The ride is entirely Self Supported

REWARDS: A special and unique medal for all the finishers

Registration closes on 31st July, 2022

Registration Fee - Rs. 999 (Including 18% GST)

Minimum eligibility for participation in the ride - Having completed a 400+km ride before

Mandatory for the ride

  1. Printed Chennai Cyclist Rider ID tagged to your bicycles in front/back. You could generate it for yourself and print and tag it on your own, ID-Card
  2. Helmet is mandatory
  3. Powerful front light and red tail light is mandatory.
  4. Reflective vest is mandatory.


  1. Aero bars shall not be used at any point of time
  2. Any rider who quit the ride shall not expect support from the volunteers. Only on medical emergencies, volunteers would be able to support. All volunteers are posted to support the riders who are continuing their ride
  3. On any situation, rider who missed CP time or rode the event without registration, should not claim their finishers badge

Event Details

Date: Aug 5 2022 11:30 am to Aug 7 2022 1:00 am
Organizer: WCCG - Chennai Cyclists
Start Point: Just Buy Cycles, Tambaram

Contact Details

LocationJust Buy Cycles, Tambaram