Sunday,2nd April 2023

Start Point: Kovalam



Checkpoint1/Startpoint 0Kms:

Checkpoint2 ~15kms:

Checkpoint3 ~30kms:

Checkpoint4 ~45kms:

Finish ~60kms:

Route/Segment details will be published as a post on the event page.

The RUSH RELAY is a Team event in Relay format.

Rush Relay Format:

-Each Team will have 4 riders.

-One team member from each team will be standing at each of the checkpoints.

-Race will be in time trial format. Rider1 from each team will start with a 1-minute time interval.

-Drafting across team members is strictly prohibited.

-Every team member will ride a distance of ~15kms. and the team to complete 60kms distance in the shortest time wins the podium.

-Rider 1 will start the Race from Checkpoint1/Startpoint and will ride ~15 kms to reach Checkpoint2 As soon as the Rider1 reaches checkpoint2, Rider2 will start his 15km race to checkpoint 3 and Rider 1 will exit from the course after checkpoint1.

-The above format will continue at checkpoint 3 & 4 and at check checkpoint 4, rider 4 will start the final 15kms of the relay race as soon as Rider 3 reaches checkpoint4.

  • The race concludes when Rider 4 crosses the Finish line at 60kms.

Team Formation:

  • The teams will be divided into two categories.
    		> RELAY MEN (Excluding U18 BOYS and MASTER'S MEN)
    		> RELAY OPEN (Each rider can be from U18- BOYS/GIRLS, MASTER'S MEN/WOMEN, WOMEN'S OPEN or all riders of the team can from one of the listed categories itself)
  • Both the categories will have separate podiums.
  • While registering, individual riders will have to make separate registrations under the same Team Name.
  • Riders will be grouped based on the registered team name.

Registration closes at 6:00 PM on 29th March 2023, Wednesday. NO SPOT REGISTRATIONS.

Participation in any one-Time trial race in the last year is mandatory for the Rush Relay.

It can be any RUSH or MRC race for Chennai riders. For people outside Chennai any of their local amateur racing circuits is applicable.

Points to be noted: 1. It will be a flag off start, maintain social distancing at Start point. 2. Helmet is compulsory. 3. Aero bars are not allowed. 4. Race Director decision is final 5. Ride cautiously,Riders are responsible for their own safety.

Race Coordinator: Ram -9884842661 Sundar – 7823990325

Event Details

Date: Apr 2 2023 12:15 am to Apr 2 2023 3:30 am
Organizer: WCCG - Chennai Cyclists
Start Point: Kovalam, ECR

Contact Details

LocationKovalam, ECR
ContactRAM – 9884842661 Sundar 9884089770