WCCG Enduro Series - Stamina 222km Ride - Jun 2024

WCCG Enduro Series - Stamina 222km Ride - Jun 2024

WCCG - Chennai Cyclists


Enduro Series - Stamina 222km Ride

Powered by Headwind Bike Studio, ECR

We are excited to bring you the 3rd Edition of "WCCG Enduro Series", and the first ride of the 1st season is, Stamina 222 - Acharapakkam, GST.

Welcome to another exciting and scenic ride on ECR and GST. Experience the breathtaking coastal views on ECR till Mahabalipuram, reach the holy place of Thirukazhukundram through starry nights, passing by paddy fields and then immerse yourself in the tranquil countryside as you cycle west to the historic towns of Chengalpet, Melamaruvathur and Achirapakkam. Conclude your adventure with a refreshing downhill ride back on GST Road, surrounded by lush greenery all the way to Vandalur. This diverse route promises an exhilarating mix of seaside beauty, cultural landmarks, and serene nature, perfect for both new and seasoned cyclists.

Date - 29th June, Saturday

Start Time - 5.00 PM

Cut off Time - 15 hours

End Time - 30th June, Sunday, 08:00 AM

Route - Headwinds@ECR(Bikerz Sportz, ECR) – Mahabalipuram - Paiyanur - Thirukazhukundram - Chengalpet - Achirapakkam – U-Turn - Return via GST till Vandalur - Kelambakkam – Kovalam Toll booth – ECR - Headwinds@ECR(Bikerz Sportz, ECR)

Route map / GPX file (use laptop to view the route map) -

Rule book for Enduro Series

Mandatory for the ride

  1. Printed Chennai Cyclist Rider ID tagged to your bicycles in front/back. You could generate it for yourself and print and tag it on your own ID-Card
  2. Helmet is mandatory
  3. Powerful front light and red tail light is mandatory.
  4. Reflective vest is mandatory.


  1. Aero bars shall not be used at any point of time
  2. Any rider who quit the ride shall not expect support from the volunteers. Only on medical emergencies, volunteers would be able to support. All volunteers are posted to support the riders who are continuing their ride
  3. On any situation, rider who missed CP time or rode the event without registration, should not claim their finishers badge

Please join this WhatsApp group if you are registering for the event Rides WhatsApp Group

Event Details

Date: Jun 29 2024 11:30 am to Jun 30 2024 2:30 am
Organizer: WCCG - Chennai Cyclists
Start Point: Headwind Bike Studio, ECR

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